About this blog

My typical grocery cart. It's so colorful!

My typical grocery cart. It’s so colorful!

Recently, the biggest enjoyment from my life has come from cooking and trying new recipes. Growing up in a cooking household (my dad, brother, and I used to joke that we would open a restaurant) and working in the food service industry for a few years, I have always found great pleasure in cooking, eating, and sharing time with people while doing both.

Cooking is an art form. Like painting, adding each new ingredient changes the composition. Nothing is ever the same (unless you follow a recipe exactly, of course) and you can personalize everything. Let’s just say, I use recipes as “guidelines” more often than I should, but I prefer not to be restricted. Some in the culinary world might consider this blasphemy or ill-advised, but I am happy to try something out and adjust the next time, as needed.

I love reading food blogs and manically pinning recipes on Pinterest to try. And as someone in a health-related field, I am extremely health conscious and looking for ways to make delicious dishes healthier or make healthy things taste better. This blog is my way of sharing what I love doing on a daily basis, and my successes and trials.

I hope you’ll join me in this journey!


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